No workplace is made up of people who think and work the same way, so why do so many offices design their spaces that way?

From custom conference tables to upholstery, our local manufacturing facility is busy year-round creating Fríant products for the office furniture marketplace.

Fríant, looks for ways to be greener by being smarter. For example, they wrap their pallets to minimize packing space and fuel costs for deliveries. They’ve even found a way to use 40% more fabric from each roll, resulting in less landfill waste. All these things don’t just make Friant greener. They make Friant smarter.

OFWD is constantly updating its Friant line so be sure to look at what’s new and in stock.


Browse our catalogues for everything you need from workstations to office panelling. The options are endless. If you like something in particular or have questions about it, reach out to us on our live chat and we will be happy to help you!

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